4 Effective Casino Tricks  

Gambling, according to Wilson Mizner, is a surefire way to get nothing in exchange for something. This proverb, along with a great deal of others, has some merit. Gambling in casinos almost always results in losses. If you’re planning your first trip to a casino or if you’ve been gambling for a while but want to get more out of the experience, use the easy casino tips and tricks covered below. You increase your chances of keeping some of your bankroll by arming yourself with this knowledge.

1. Discover the Best Slot Machines Using This Easy Method

The games that give the casino the smallest advantage, in my opinion, are referred to as the “best slot machines.” It’s best to stick to slots games with a low house edge if you plan to play them. Online resources for information on slot machine payback percentages are dispersed and lacking in detail. It would be impossible to thoroughly research every single one of the various slot games before entering a casino because there are so many of them. How are you supposed to recognize these low-risk slot machines then? Easy to do. The house advantage against you decreases as a slot machine’s base denomination increases. You can easily determine the value of a single credit before investing money into a game by taking a quick look at the game’s display case. The so-called “penny slots” you’ve heard so much about have credit values as low as $0.01 per credit. Given that high-roller slots in VIP rooms can be played for hundreds of dollars per spin, there is really no upper limit to the size of a single credit. Slot machines that allow $1 minimum bets are going to pay out a little bit more than machines that accept $0.25 or $0.05 minimum bets..

2. Use an Existing Device to Combat Casino Fog

It’s common knowledge that casinos exist to numb gamblers from reality. Rarely are windows found anywhere close to a casino floor. In the same way, clocks. In fact, everything in the casino—from the tacky carpets to the smooth background music—was chosen with the intention of tricking you into concentrating on the games and playing them more. This is what I refer to as “casino fog,” a cluster of symptoms that sends me into a sort of gambling-obsessed coma. I frequently questioned the legality of all these manipulations. I knew I was onto something when legislation was passed in the UK to counteract these strategies. According to the new law, casino gamblers must “be aware” of the time while they are there. The law mandates that casino staff members encourage patrons to take breaks and remind them of the time, which is displayed on conspicuous clocks. But where I gamble, we don’t yet have these laws. There is an improved method of overcoming casino fog. Additionally, you already have the tool required to maintain your composure on the gaming floor. Your smartphone is the best fog-removal tool available. It only has one essential piece of information—the time—and an alerting device—the alarm clock feature. The biggest risk of casino fog is that you’ll gamble beyond your means. The casino’s only goal is to get you to increase your expenditures. The goal should be to spend as little money as possible. My advice is to program your phone’s alarm to sound every 30 minutes while you play. An easy-to-use setting on my iPhone allows me to set an alarm to repeat at any interval. I schedule it so that I take a break from playing every half-hour. I get a soda, light up outside so I can see the sun, and fiddle with my phone for a while. That works. I’ve discovered that if I take these phone-mandated breaks, I’m better able to stick to my spending plan.

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3. To starve the casino, remain sober.

The world’s most popular intoxicant, alcohol, is used in one of the casino’s most deceptive strategies. Ever ponder why drinking is so prevalent when you’re gambling? Watered-down alcohol is frequently served in casinos, but it still has strong euphoric and disorienting effects. Even when I’m seated in front of a penny slot machine and barely contributing to their profits, Atlantic City casinos seem particularly adept at getting me a drink in my hand. Sure, the casino is pulling an obvious prank on you. But it functions. If I get a little buzzed, I might go to a blackjack table. Normally, I play blackjack using basic strategy, but if I’ve had a few ounces of whiskey, there’s no way I’m thinking clearly. One simple way to maintain composure and avoid excessive spending, excessive tipping, or poor play is to remain sober for the entire time you are gambling.

4. The best games are kept in this casino’s hidden area.

Casinos use a variety of tactics to trick their patrons. one of the floor’s more theatrical gimmicks? Lighting. Check out the games with vivid and colorful lighting displays the next time you’re at a casino. Due to their high house edges, these are frequently the games where the casino makes the most money. A prime example is the Wheel of Fortune video game. It is frequently lit up like a Broadway stage, and the manager is an attractive woman wearing a low-cut top. Obviously, you should stay away from this kind of game. However, you can also employ this strategy to your advantage. The house has a tendency to conceal its best performances, much like it highlights its worst ones. The best games in the casino are typically located in a section of the floor that is virtually unlit. Although I have also seen European Roulette games tucked away in a shady, musty corner, this is generally true for machine games. This same concept can sometimes be used to spot bad bets on table games. The field bets and “any seven” spaces on a craps betting layout are the most colorfully designed. To increase your chances, stay in the dull, dark, and possibly even musky parts of the space.