Keno is a very simple game of chance where success is more dependent on luck than on skill. Even though keno is easy to learn and understand, there are still many other factors you should be aware of before betting any money on the game. We cannot promise that after reading this page you will play keno with a 100% winning rate. You’re playing a game of chance with the house having the advantage, so this is just not feasible. But if you want to learn how to win keno games more frequently, these keno tips can be very useful.

Know Every Key Keno Terminology

To improve your chances of succeeding at keno is to become familiar with all of the important keno terms that you might hear or encounter while playing this game. Keno has fewer uncommon terms than other games like poker or even blackjack, so learning them shouldn’t take a lot of time or effort. But becoming familiar with them will improve your keno gameplay and even improve your odds by allowing you to make more informed wagers.

Pick no more than four to eight numbers at once

According to many gambling experts, selecting between four and eight numbers is the best way to play keno. As shown in the table above, this range offers you the best odds while also providing very consistent payouts. In fact, choosing numbers from this range is the best approach to playing this game, as the word “keno,” which has French roots and means “five winning numbers,” may provide some insight. Four to eight is the ideal range for payouts and odds. Selecting more or fewer numbers will significantly reduce your chances of winning.

Avoid focusing on gaining an advantage

The notoriously high house edge of keno games cannot be altered. In keno, there is no way to do any of this, so if you see or hear someone talking about how to lower the house edge or use a special strategy to gain an edge, be aware that they are probably con artists. Thus, this is less a concrete plan for how to increase your chances and more a warning to avoid doing something that will only waste your time. Focusing only draws your attention away from other useful tactics, like the ones we’re going over on this page, so avoid focusing on learning any special techniques or exploits.

Be Patient When Betting

Keno proceeds fairly quickly as a game. This is especially true if you’re playing keno online, where the game is played even more quickly than in actual casinos. Take your time and don’t rush your bets when playing keno as a result. The more time you have to play with your money, the slower you play. As a result, whether you’re playing at a physical casino or an online casino, keep in mind to take regular breaks, play at a pace you’re comfortable with, and refrain from getting carried away by the excitement.

Observe any hot or cold numbers

You can still employ a specific betting strategy even though keno is a game of chance and it is impossible to predict future results from past ones. The most popular way to do this is by focusing only on hot or cold numbers when placing bets. Hot numbers are those that have received the most calls during the previous five to ten games. The main presumption behind this is that these numbers are more “hot” than others and are more likely to occur again. It is not a good idea to choose numbers that haven’t been drawn in the previous 15 to 20 games, or “cold numbers.” The thinking behind this is that by betting on these numbers now, you will always be in the lead because they will undoubtedly appear sooner or later.


Obtain some bonuses to use when playing

One of the best ways to improve your chances of winning when playing keno online is to get a bonus. Many online casinos allow you to increase your value by taking advantage of their generous bonuses and promotions when you make a deposit. To maximize your financial investment, you’ll need to do some research to find the best bonus offer. Furthermore, we advise reading the terms and conditions to learn about all of the crucial prerequisites you must be aware of before claiming the bonus. Keno is excellent in this regard because, like other chance-based games like real money slots, it frequently fully contributes to bonus wagering requirements. In other words, it will take much longer to meet the wagering requirements if you play roulette or blackjack.

Don’t change your number often

We’ve discussed how betting on hot or cold numbers can be an effective keno tactic. In keeping with this, regardless of which of the two options you select, there is another piece of advice to keep in mind. This is meant to motivate you to settle on a number and not switch it up too often. Keno is a RNG game that solely depends on luck; there are no patterns you can use to predict the numbers. Changing the numbers after each game also has no tactical advantage. In fact, if you frequently change your choices, you may end up missing numbers more often than you hit them, which will put you at a greater disadvantage.

Use a betting strategy

Although not specifically about the game, this advice concentrates on assisting you in identifying the best values for the bets you’re placing. In other words, they mainly concern how you will handle your keno bankroll while playing this casino game. When it comes to using a betting strategy, you have a lot of great choices. Numerous other well-known strategies can be used, including the Martingale strategy, the D’Alembert system, the Paroli system, the Fibonacci system, and many others. Some of these are riskier than others, so you should be careful to pick the one that fits your budget the best.

Set a loss limit

This is one of the keno tips that also applies to other casino games. Additionally, it allows you to save money for the subsequent session even though it doesn’t directly increase your chances of winning. Keno is a very dangerous gambling game, especially if its outcome is determined by luck. Furthermore, you will probably lose more often than win when playing keno. So, managing your bankroll wisely is crucial, especially when you’re having a string of losing games. Because of this, you should decide on a stop-loss limit before you start playing. If your keno bankroll drops below a certain level during the session, you will be able to stop playing and save your money for the next session thanks to this. Setting a loss cap is a very effective keno strategy for preventing loss-chasing.

Practice for Free Online

Although there isn’t a magic bullet for how to win at keno, getting some free practice online will unquestionably put you on the right path. Because you should make sure you fully understand the game before you start playing for real money, this advice can be very helpful for beginners. Fortunately, many online casinos offer free keno games in demo mode. While some casinos don’t even require you to register an account to play in demo mode, others do in some situations. Keno isn’t a particularly difficult game, but we still advise practicing for free before wagering real money.

Never solely rely on your lucky numbers.

When playing keno, it can be fun to occasionally bet on your lucky numbers, but this shouldn’t be your main strategy. You shouldn’t assume that choosing fewer numbers will increase your chances of winning at keno just because you prefer doing so. If you play keno primarily for entertainment and don’t want to use a system that requires you to change your picks frequently, you can use lucky numbers or numbers that have special meaning to you.

Use Multi-Race Cards to Your Advantage

Many land-based and online casinos offer the option to purchase a multi-race card. To put it simply, this is a method of paying for a certain number of games in advance. The casino will frequently establish a specific limit on how far in advance you can buy. Utilizing the highly advantageous multi-race cards strategy makes managing your keno bankroll much simpler. The ability to keep track of your wins and losses is made easier when using multiple cards. You’ll also save time and have a more streamlined experience. 

Choose the games that offer the highest returns.

Always focus on the keno games that offer the best payouts. Given that you want to play for the highest payouts possible with the money you are betting, this makes perfect sense. Although you might think that all keno games pay out the same, this isn’t always the case. Therefore, you should research the specific payouts for the game before you start playing. For instance, online casinos frequently offer better payouts than traditional ones. Therefore, if you are primarily focused on this, it is preferable to play keno at an online casino.GCash casino 

Know the winning odds

It is one thing to be aware of the payouts based on the number of hits, but it is also important to comprehend the likelihood of these hits. We want to call attention to the fact that keno doesn’t have particularly favorable odds when compared to other casino games because many keno players are unaware of this fact. Here is a quick table showing the chances of winning for each hit occurring when concentrating on the particular numbers:

Number of Correct Hits Odds of it Happening
0 1 in 843.380
1 1 in 86.446
2 1 in 20.115
3 1 in 8.009
4 1 in 4.877
5 1 in 4.287
6 1 in 5.258
7 1 in 8.826
8 1 in 20.055
9 1 in 61.420
10 1 in 253.801
11 1 in 1,423.822
12 1 in 10,968.701
13 1 in 118,084.920
14 1 in 1,821,881.628
15 1 in 41,751,453.986
16 1 in 1,496,372,110.872
17 1 in 90,624,035,964.712
18 1 in 10,512,388,171,906.553
19 1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
20 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.000

Keep these odds in mind and make use of them when choosing your numbers to avoid lowering your chances by selecting too many (or too few).

Select a reputable keno casino.

We’ll give some important advice at the end of this article on playing online keno. You may feel very differently about a keno website depending on which one you prefer. Since there are so many online casinos to choose from, it is easy to pick a subpar casino site. Finding the perfect real money casino that meets all of your needs is often necessary for becoming a successful keno gambler. Your top priority should be finding a reputable online keno casino. You won’t likely ever win anything if you play at an unlicensed or illegal casino, regardless of how effective your keno strategy is.