Selecting the Slot Games to Play 

One of the most played casino game categories is without a doubt slots. They are played both in physical casinos and online by millions of players worldwide. Since the first mechanical versions, they have changed considerably, and some of the most recent video slots offer fantastic gameplay. Thousands of different slot machine games are available due to their widespread popularity. Row after row of slot machines are probably what you’ll see if you enter a large casino, and the majority of online casinos offer a wide variety of games. Slots players will benefit from this, as there are many options available when choosing what to play thanks to the variety. Figuring out the best games to play, though, can become challenging. The games you choose to play are really irrelevant in many ways. All of them operate on essentially the same principles, so picking one won’t likely significantly affect your chances of cashing in. Thought should be given to a few factors, which we cover in this article, when choosing what to play.

Rate of Return

The expected payout rate exists in every slot games. This percentage displays the amount of money a game will eventually pay out in relation to the money bet. For instance, a slot machine game with a 90% payout rate will return $90 for every $100 bet. A slot machine with an 80% payout percentage will return $80 for every $100 bet. As you can see from this, playing games with a high payout rate is in your best interests. On average, you will get more playing time for your money the higher the payout rate. The payout rate is thus the single most crucial factor you should take into account if your top priority is to ensure that your money lasts as long as possible. However, keep in mind that it’s not always possible to determine a game’s payout percentage. Although not all casinos, both live and online, make that information available. It’s important to remember that a payout rate only holds true over the long term, and there is no assurance that a game will perform exactly as expected while you play it. A game with a 90% payout averages out to that percentage over thousands of spins, so it doesn’t pay out exactly $90 for every $100 you wager. Of course, the short-term deviation from the payout rate is what makes it possible to succeed financially.

Selecting the Slot Games to Play 

Per-Spin Cost

When selecting which games to play, you should unquestionably take the cost per spin into account. You can typically choose how many coins to play per line and how much each coin is worth, giving you some control over how much you bet on each spin. The range of stakes, however, will differ from one game to the next. Really, you ought to make an effort to play games that are within your means. For instance, if you have $50 to play with, you probably shouldn’t choose a game with a $2 minimum cost per spin. You might only receive 25 spins as a result, and it’s possible to play through 25 spins very quickly without generating many wins. To maximize your chances of winning and get the most playing time for your money, you should aim to play at a cost per spin where your bankroll can support at least 100 spins..

Number of Paylines

Regarding the number of paylines available, there is no right or wrong choice, but you should be aware of it. Since the cost per spin is determined by dividing the number of coins you are playing by the number of active paylines, the number of paylines will have an impact on the cost per spin. It influences your chances of spinning a winning wheel as well. Generally speaking, more paylines result in more winning spins. This makes sense, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, and it doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of turning a profit. There are more opportunities for a winning combination of symbols the more paylines there are.

Jackpot Size

You must obviously consider the size of the jackpot when choosing which games to play if you play slot games machines in the hopes of striking a seriously large win. There are many games with sizable progressive jackpots, some of which can rise to millions of dollars in value. However, it is important to keep in mind that the payout rate of many progressive jackpot games is slightly distorted by the jackpot. A game’s overall payout can be made more appealing by an occasional large payout, but if you take the jackpot out of the equation, the rate might not be all that appealing. But don’t let that discourage you—even though the chances of winning are slim—trying to win the jackpot can be a lot of fun.


There are a few more things we should talk about. First off, if a game hasn’t paid out much recently, it’s not uncommon for slot players to assume that it must be “due a win.” This is a myth, and you shouldn’t consider it when selecting a game to play. As we previously mentioned, the payout rate only becomes equal over a large number of spins—say, a few thousand or more. There is absolutely no reason to assume that just because a game hasn’t paid out much in a few hundred spins, it will suddenly start spinning in wins. Playing the games you enjoy the most is also crucial, at least in our opinion. Considering that the primary goal of playing slots should be enjoyment, this is actually arguably the most crucial factor to take into account. We don’t really understand the point of playing a game you don’t really like just because it has a slightly better payout percentage. Playing games that you enjoy and merely hoping for occasional good luck is much more sensible.